By : furqan ali

I don’t know my gesture whether I cried or vacuous on my birth. But my mom told me that I cried! A loud cry!

The relationship with my parents is not from that day rather it’s from first day when she started to nurtured me inside her.

I believe my father were enthusiast for my birth, my mother bought cloths fortnight before my birth (whether months) and plan to celebrate the birth.

This anecdote is not only mine, it’s a story of every single child, the story not abolish here it’s just a dawn! On birth parents steadfastly pray for good health of their child, they crave for his safety and provide luxurious life to him and bear his lavish expenditures even on their scant income.

From dawn to sunset father works hard don’t even cares of hot or cold, even of his health. Dismay all his needs and desires just for cherish life of his children. Conceal all his afflicts, problems and ail to make his child believe that his father is for his escort and he have enough fulfill his needs.

Mother! She pampers her child from birth to her last breath! Sacrifices her nights for our comfort and good night sleep. Fulfill all our needs before we complain, she knows what we need. Their love is divine really divine!

Likewise, when we grow up and it’s time to owe them comfort and good time we fist. We crave for riddance from them and dubious for their needs. We ridicule on their suggestions (forget that they make us able to take decisions and taught us difference between good and evil) and dissuade it.

Instead of paying them homage we show fierce. Isn’t it rough? Have you ever think are we pitiable for parental love? For this our parents nurtured us from cradle to don’t know when. Reckon! What our responsibilities are and how we pay homage to our parents.


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